How to Download

Some people aren’t familiar with our new download system. So, we decided to create a little tutorial to avoid confusion.

Getting to the links is easy. We don’t want to put you through a lot. This is all about the surviving, not the revenue. Please understand.

Step 1 –

Follow the instruction shown in above image

Step 2 –

Follow the instruction shown in above image

That’s all!

Important notes:-

Please keep that in mind, through this process, you don’t need to download and/or subscribe to anything. If you see a message forcing you to do so, you should know that is just an ad, nothing more. close it. Regardless, you should always have an Antivirus with strong firewall installed on your system, for your own security.-If you noticed the counter isn’t started, just click on it. This usually happens when the window loses its focus due to a subscribe message or other things.

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